Prayer Points Day 1. (December 1st)

Prayer Points Day 1. (December 1st)

Prayer Points Day 1. (December 1st)

Prayer Points Day 1. (December 1st)

1. Ask for direction and strength for the fast. Ask the Lord to direct your activities such that the fast will be an acceptable sacrifice unto him. Pray that he sanctifies you from all other things unto himself in these 21 days.

2. Ask the Lord to open up His heart and mind to you concerning areas of your life; family, nation, work of your hands. Ask that He ministers scriptures that will give you exact knowledge of what things to declare into the earth in those areas. We pray to know the things freely given to us by God in every area of our lives.

3. Pray that anything in you, i.e. attitude, practice, thinking, that be will be a hindrance to obtaining results during this fast be revealed unto you in these first three days.

Isaiah 58:3 ‘Why have we fasted,’ they say, ‘and You have not seen? Why have we afflicted our souls, and You take no notice?’ “In fact, on the day of your fast, you find pleasure and exploit all your laborers.

4. We bring our hearts before God and ask that he shows us hidden things within our hearts that may have limited him from demonstrating himself fully in your life.

Job 36:8-12
8. And if they are bound in fetters, Held in the cords of affliction,
9. Then He tells them their work and their transgressions— That they have acted defiantly.
10. He also opens their ear to instruction, And commands that they turn from iniquity.
11. If they obey and serve Him, They shall spend their days in prosperity, And their years in pleasures.
12. But if they do not obey, They shall perish by the sword, And they shall die without knowledge.

Joel 2:1-19
John 15

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