TCN Sunday Message Excerpts: The Principles Of Increase and Life More Abundantly

TCN Sunday Message Excerpts: The Principles Of Increase and Life More Abundantly

TCN Sunday Message Excerpts: The Principles Of Increase and Life More Abundantly

TCN Sunday Message Excerpts.
Title: The Principles Of Increase and Life More Abundantly
Date: 19th September 2021

Stop trying too hard and let the laws of the realm of the spirit work for you. Many people are labouring on the earth with their hands and doing a lot for the fulfilment of their desires without the recognition of the Spiritual laws that govern the operations of things. Because they are ignorant of these spiritual laws that God placed on this earth, they are working against those laws and in the physical, they are struggling to cause their desires to materialise.

Let’s look at some of those laws;
1. What seest thou? The law of that which your eyes can see. What you are looking upon is going to determine experiences in your life.  (2 cor 3:18, 2 cor 4:17-18)

2. To try to get results on the outside without establishing your thoughts in the direction of where you are going will lead to failure. To do things rightly, you must first acquire the power to THINK RIGHTLY. Your thoughts must be in the right place.

Angels work on the outside, the Holy Spirit works on the inside. The Holy Spirit brings every thought into obedience and changes you, but He needs you to keep your eyes on the image. It requires power to think thoughts that are not suggested by appearances. Most people are thinking according to what appearances suggest. If appearances govern your thought life, then your labour will not deliver an experience that is contrary to what is in your thought life. Appearances want to squeeze you and cause you to conform to a limited standard of living. (Romans 12:2)

3. Do not compete with others as though their success has deprived you of your own chances to succeed. Rejoice over other people that are advancing, thank God for the grace that rests upon their lives as though it was you experiencing it and it will not take long for the same spiritual substance that is making things work for them to start operating in a similar way within your own space.

4. You must praise God and give him thanks for all that is happening around you even when it is seemingly negative and when you don’t understand it. If you get bitter and disappointed and murmur, then you are letting appearances affect the image on your inside. When the opportunity for the thing you are beholding would come your way, it will often come as a contrary wind. You can not entertain the idea or thought that external things have damaged God’s ability to make it happen for you or within your life.

~ Pastor Poju Oyemade

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