Re-focus ? Mid-year Conference – Day 4 Recap

Re-focus ? Mid-year Conference – Day 4 Recap

Re-focus ? Mid-year Conference – Day 4 Recap

Tonight was another encounter with God’s Wisdom. How many scripture verses did you receive from tonight’s session?

Re-focus ? Mid-year Conference has been about how the Spirit of God through the inward man works out His purpose on the earth.

Here’s a recap of what I shared tonight – ??????? ???? ???? ??? ??????.
✓The first thing you have to understand is that the kingdom of God is within you.
✓The seed of the kingdom is the vision God has placed inside your heart.
✓With your words, you cast your vision (as a seed) into the ground. You have to, first of all, say it to yourself before it can get into your heart.
✓What is showing up in your life right now is a reflection of the seeds that have been sown into your heart. You have to start getting the right seeds into your heart.
✓When you start planting your vision it should be kept secret and private. When you want to do anything Big make sure it’s only known to you until it has matured to the point of action.
✓The more people know about what you want to do the greater warfare you’re going to have in fulfilling it.
✓Let the results tell who you are. Don’t start disclosing who you are.
✓Plant that vision as a seed into the ground then watch what the Spirit of God will do with it.
✓As you plant your vision, it gets mix with the rivers (the Spirit) and starts to germinate.
✓The first manifestation of any vision is found in the language – the words that are spoken.
✓Anything that is not ‘voiced out’ doesn’t have the chance of materializing. But you have to say it to yourself first.
✓Once the vision goes in, the Holyspirit now wants to illuminate your mind.

Scriptures for your meditation ???
Zechariah 12:8, 1  Peter 2:5, Luke 17:21, Mark 4:26-28, Psalms 1:1-3, Isaiah 51:3, Genesis 2:8-10, 2 Cor 4:16-18, Prov 20:27, Job 29:2-5, Psalms 18:28-29, Prov 24:13-14, Psalms 81:1-16, Psalms 77:6, Romans 8:27.

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