No Entitlement ~ Pastor Poju Oyemade

No Entitlement ~ Pastor Poju Oyemade

No Entitlement ~ Pastor Poju Oyemade

One of the first signs of poison in the well of a divine relationship is when the attitude of an individual shifts from one of gratitude to that of entitlement. What they were once grateful to God and thanked him for, they now believe is their right, which they have “earned” and when they appear denied their countenance falls.

Let’s get this straight, you cannot earn your spiritual inheritance it is a gift from God. You could have done all you thought you did to earn it and yet such opportunities will still not have been given you by God. Understand there are many others who did more than you have done to those individuals yet they didn’t find in their sight the favor you got.

Many in the Body of Christ and even outside the direct scope of the Church operating in the affairs of the kingdom which involves relating with non-Christians for God’s purpose to be fulfilled, have lost the plot in not understanding the importance of certain strategic relationships and allowed greed to poison the wells.

These broken relationships have stifled many great gifts from having the structure they needed to blossom.

They were given rare opportunities, honor was placed on them by higher authorities by way of association and in some cases they got greedy like lucipher saying I want to be like…..they got competitive, reaching out for what God either didn’t appoint unto them or should have come to them by way of rejoicing through a crisis which was around the corner.

One thing everyone has to understand is this, spiritual inheritance cannot be bought so never think that your giving to a person or your service in a place should tie the hands of those in authority in granting certain opportunities to you. That attitude is not Christ centered but the practice of witchcraft and sorcery.

The pathway to your inheritance is the way of the cross which involves responding in love when offended, re adjusting your attitude when the expectations you placed on people you related with were not met because you now realize that those things should by the mercy of God from above. It is in helping others with no strings attached.

If you do this and with that add these praise words saying the words of Christ “blessed is he that cometh unto me in the name of the Lord” praising God for opportunities and detaching yourself from any form of entitlement you will go very far.

When you notice any movement in your heart making you feel you were denied a right if the person seemed to overlook you, catch yourself, and judge that thought. realign yourself to supporting those whom God seemed to have smiled on this time around knowing you are in it to serve and not self-promotion.

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